Turning Tiny Presents Contributor Martin Burlingame, author of the chapter tiny house insurance 101

Tiny Houses On Wheels (THOW) are kind of odd. It’s not a real home.

It’s not just a trailer. Some live in it full-time. Some use it as a temporarily dwelling. Sometimes it stays where it’s been build, but it often moves around. Crossing States.


Martin Burlingma, the King of Tiny Home insurance, explains the complexity and the solution in his chapter. On page 480 to be exact!

Martin fell in love with the movement and tiny houses and blames the National Tiny House Jamboree of 2015 in Colorado Springs for it. He’s an insurance guy and loves to figure out ways to deal with complex issues. Which, to date, a THOW still is. At least, for the existing systems. But he found a way, and his agency now insures THOW in 48 States! This is helpful, for a lot of people who wish to live tiny, and insure their well thought through and sometimes own build home. Glad to have people like Martin on board!

CEO and Tiny Home Enthusiast

A quote from his chapter:
“The tiny house movement has grown tremendously over the past decade, and insurance companies had to grow and adapt along with this movement. Navigating homeowners insurance is complicated enough without the added dimension of tiny home mobility…”

Read more about it and get a glimpse of what it actually all entails, to turn tiny.

In the book you’ll also find 60+ personal stories on building a tiny house, living in it, why THs matter, communities, other smaller dwellings, and what not. From the pioneers in the movement. We have copies in our office for sale or you can order a copy online and get a 10% discount with the code THINSURANCE! Order at: www.turningtiny.com

Want more info on the TH insurance Martin’s agency (Commercial Insurance Group, LLC) offers? Visit their FB page: Tiny Home Insurance or website: https://tinyhome.insure/buy-insurance/

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