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The tiny house GPS tracker can take 2-3 weeks of shipping.

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Note: Some tiny home owners simply plug in their tracker in a media station and continuously charge the tracker.


Charging Your XYGPS for the First Time

XYGPS units are shipped with a 30% charge, and you may not be able to proceed until your XY GPS has been fully charged.

IMPORTANT: Your XYGPS comes with a USB charging cord. You’ll find it in the box below the insert that holds the XYGPS. Please remove the packaging insert and you’ll find the cord beneath.

Please plug your XYGPS in using the USB charger provided with the unit and make sure the button on the front lights up after it’s been plugged in.

Please make sure that any USB port you plug the cord into has power for the duration of charging. So if you plug it into your computer, make sure the computer is on, or if you plug it into your car, make sure the car’s accessories are powered up or that it’s running, and so forth.

The XYGPS should be charged for about two (2) hours. Then please unplug it and wait until the light in the button stops blinking before proceeding.

Registering Your XYGPS Using an Android Smartphone or Tablet [INSTRUCTIONS]

Registering your XYGPS Using an Apple iPhone or iPad [INSTRUCTIONS]

Please note that it may take up to 15 minutes for the SIM card of your XYGPS to become activated after adding the device to your account.

If you have any questions about the GPS Tracker, you can click here:

They have support team that can help you with your device. However if you click the cog in the app for the GPS Tracker, you’ll see tan option for “Find my phone.” If you did this (even accidentally and then un selected it), it will still track your phone rather than your GPS. Simply unpair it and try again.

Syncing issues? Try deleting the application from your phone and then reinstall it to your device. Make sure the XY Find It app is up to date before adding your account and re-registering the GPS Tracker.

Then open the XY Find It app and tap on the rectangle representing your XYGPS. It will pop up in a window at the bottom of your screen. In the top right corner of the pop-up window, tap on the gear / wheel icon. At the bottom of the page that comes up, tap on Remove from Account or Unlink From Account.

As soon as that’s completed, restart your phone and plug in your XYGPS to make sure it’s charged or charging near your phone. Re-open XY Find It and tap on the plus sign in the top right corner, then tap on XYGPS and follow the instructions as you did before.

If you need any assistance with this, contact



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