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At the 2015 National Tiny House Jamboree, author, speaker, business strategist, business owner, and insurance agent, Martin Burlingame, personally met with and listened to builder, marketing companies, bloggers, and tiny homeowners about the concern(s) they had with gaining insurance. Through these conversations he realized that insurance was holding back further progression in the tiny house movement. 

In 2016 Martin was back at the National Tiny House Jamboree representing his company Strategic Insurance  and offering a wide range of tiny house insurance options in 41 states. 

The Strategic Insurance site states “Our mission is to provide affordable and comprehensive insurance that covers the needs of the tiny home community.” Martin has been quoted as saying, “We can help find insurance for all types of non-traditional homes including tiny houses on wheels, small houses, cabins, DIY structures, yurts, park models, and much more!” In fact, Burlingame most recently found a comprehensive policy for a Domino sugar tractor trailer conversion!

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