We’ve recently joined an online community started by renowned tiny house expert and tiny home dweller Ethan Waldman. The group is called Tiny House Engage and it’s for folks like you who are planning, designing, and building their tiny houses.

Martin Burlingame will be available for Q&A to talk about Tiny Home insurance on Tuesday, June 12th but you likely can’t access the video unless you join! Oh and your first month is just $1, so you get access to the complete back catalog.. a full library of training videos, interviews, and weekly live calls! JOIN NOW! 

Tiny House Engage Membership

Tiny House Engage is a dedicated community for people who are taking action to plan, design, and build their tiny houses.

As a member, you’ll have access to the the Video Training Library, Office Hours, and Private Discussion Group where you can post questions, get answers, and interact with fellow tiny house enthusiasts.

Advice and Accountability

  • A private group, with accountability and togetherness, to help make sure you’re making good decisions for your tiny house.
  • A balance of members who are still planning and others who are already living tiny ensures there’s always something new to learn.

Unlimited Q&A

  • Individualized support where your questions don’t get lost in the fire hose feed of information. Ask as many questions as you need to, whenever you want.

Dedicated Training Library

  • Where you have unlimited access to hours of information to help you through the planning and building phases of your tiny house

MORE FROM THE SITE: Interest in tiny houses has exploded in recent years. Between the reality TV shows, fairs, workshops, and websites, there is so much information available. There are even dozens of free Facebook groups dedicated to tiny house living… but with over 30,000 members, they are just a deluge of questions, posts, and GoFundMe requests.

When there are so many important decisions to make when building your tiny house, you need individual advice by trusted experts. An intimate community dedicated to supporting people like you through the building and living process.

Add to it that you’re busy. How do you find the right answers for you?

Tiny House Engage is a dedicated community for people who are taking action to plan, design, and build their tiny houses, not just talking about it.