Aspen Skiing Co. has tiny houses to provide affordable housing options for seasonal workers down valley in the Basalt RV Campground.
The Aspen Times reported that the six tiny homes on wheels are valued at $100,000 apiece. Officials are testing these tiny homes as an option for employee rentals to accomodate for a shortage of about 600 employees.

Project manager Philip Jeffreys got the ball rolling for Aspen Skiing Co. when he ordered the six tiny houses from Sprout Tiny Homes of La Junta, Colorado. So far all but one of the tiny houses are already rented out for $600 a month.

The homes have wheels  like an RV and are hooked into the campground’s sewer, water and electric services.

Development is a constant debate in the Roaring Fork Valley and this seems to be an adaptable solution to provide housing options for seasonal employees in the area.


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