As many of you know we focus on insurance for the tiny home community. I spend most of my time on blogs that focus either on clients – THEY ARE THE COOLEST – or on products that help the tiny home community. I wanted to take this opportunity to feature our NEW TINY HOME ASSOCIATION product. Now many of you will say — WHAT? So let me explain….

Our industry is starting to boom. We have RIV certified builders, Custom builders, DIY experts, travel trailers, Micro homes and much more. The biggest issue we face is where to put our homes. Land is at a premium. Cities and counties have rules and regulations which prevent us from plopping our homes down and living the life!

Enter the association… People are buying land and getting it zoned for tiny homes. This creates a community and THOW folk come a crawling to live in these places. Think Waldenburg, Salida, Yampa valley and all the others that are surfacing. The issue is these become communities with association dues, common roads, snow plowing and common buildings.

We are proud to announce our new association product. We found one of the oldest and largest insurance companies and explained to them the Tiny World – and they got it. We have an association product to insure the association, common roads and buildings and the Board of Directors! Score one for the tiny world!!