1. There is no insurance for tiny homes – FALSE. We’ve had a tiny home insurance program for over 2 years and insure THOW across the country.

2. I move my tiny and can’t get insurance – FALSE. Our program includes a trip endorsement that allows your THOW to move around the country. If you don’t move we don’t add the endorsement!

3. I have to have a Tiny built by a builder to get insurance – FALSE. Our program insures tons of DIY tiny homes.

4. I have to be certified – FALSE. You do not need to be certified. We recommend that you consult with people like Alex at Pacific West for future resell value and safety concerns but you do NOT need to be certified. It’s an urban legend spread by some.

5. It’s way to expensive – NEUTRAL – Price runs about 1% of the THOW. So a $50,000 THOW would run $500 a year. I can’t evaluate your budget so I don’t know if it’s too expensive. Insurance is based on the law of averages so more THOW insured with low claims = lower cost of insurance.

6. You won’t insure me because I’m parked illegally – FALSE – We just need to know where the Tiny home is when it starts. In case you have a claim the insurance company needs to know where to find you. Data is not given to any federal, state or local organization.

7. I have to be on wheels – FALSE – we do tiny homes on sleds, foundations, and in containers. We cannot do Tiny Homes on water in this program (we can in our marine program) and we DO NOT want mobile homes.

If you want to see what the insurance would cost complete the link below. It gives you a price indication!

Get a quote today:https://tinyhome.insure/buy-insurance/