You know those people you meet that have experienced a transformative journey and from that bring so much light with them everywhere they go? Brenda Schwerin of Just B Tiny is one of those humans. Not only do we have the pleasure of insuring her tiny home, we’ve chatted with her about her most recent endeavors and the past that led her to the tiny house movement.

Tiny beginnings: Collecting tiny rocks, tiny shells and tiny charms as a kid.

Former life:  Special events industry and maker of tiny artisan crafts.

Now: Founder of Just B Tiny, she now shares all tips and tricks of going tiny. This alternative lifestyle allows for mobility, freedom and happiness in living a simpler life.

Background: Brenda experienced a tremendous series of personal and professional losses and hardships that transformed her life completely. One day she stumbled upon the book, “Tiny Houses Built with Recycled Materials” by Ryan Mitchell, author of Tiny House Living. This gave her hope that her life could finally rebound.

After researching tiny house contractors, she chose Nathan Light Watson of Tiny SMART House out of Albany, Oregon. “We chose each other. His crew built my tiny 20’ long by 8’– 1/2” wide by 13’–1/2” tall tiny house on wheels, and I went from homeless to a tiny house within just six months.”

Along the journey to pick up her house, she crossed ten states, 6,400 plus miles, reconnecting with family and friends along the way. Building up resilience and letting go of belongings, Brenda has sorted out what is important in life.

It wasn’t easy. “Living full time in 220 square feet and shedding clutter is a huge undertaking. Especially when downsizing and re-organizing belongings from a 4,100-sq. ft. foundation home, with an overabundance of life long collections, family heirlooms, arts and crafts is an emotional process in learning to let go. But with patience and taking one day at a time, along with one project at a time; the result is truly gratifying.”

Her “Just B Tiny” house has been a labor of love and she is committed to sharing her stories with others.  “I feel like I’ve been searching my whole life to live the tiny life. By traveling every year for summer vacations, my parents instilled a wanderlust in me. Sometimes, in my case, you must take what life delivers you, learn your lessons, keep positive, and make a tiny house out of it!”

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Tiny House: “Just B Tiny” house is a symbol of hope, labor of love, inspiration of creativity, and commitment to living sustainably.

Nickname: Tiny B, passionate about all thing tiny.


Insights from living tiny: Lifestyle explores the emotional challenge of ‘what to keep’ and ‘how to’ efficiently downsize. Allows for green living, is cost-effective, and energy efficient, leaving a tiny imprint in the community.


Lessons learned: Not choosing four more feet of trailer for more office, entertainment area and full-length closet. Tiny house closet is 18” x 18” x 18”.


Wish List: Create and custom build a utility garden shed on the back of the tiny house. Replace fiber glass door with a custom wood door with a stained-glass window. Find a tiny house community in 2019.


Cons: Having to cram and live amongst clutter in a small space with lifelong collections but, as the downsizing and decluttering unfolds, it leaves a colorful space surrounded by souvenirs that are most valuable, and easily accessible.


Pros: Low monthly expenses with lower rent and utility bills. Getting to pack up tiny house and move it to another location. Enjoying how freeing up one’s life of stuff, allows more time for family, friends and outdoor excursions. Truly living a lifestyle that makes Tiny B hyper happy!