5 Reasons to go TINY in California

  1. Astronomical Housing Prices – According to a recent article in the LA Times, Southern California’s median house price recently surpassed the record set right before the housing bubble. The same can be said for the San Francisco Bay Area with a shrinking supply and red hot demand.
  2. Rent- Renting isn’t much of a viable option either. Salaries may be higher compare to other states but “the average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment in San Jose is now $2,834 per month, according to April data on the real estate site RentCafe. In Oakland, it is $3,177” according to Mercury News but San Francisco takes the cake where “a two-bedroom apartment costs $4,351 per month. ” It’s not only the American Dream that’s disappearing. It’s access to affordable housing.
  3. Wild Fires- We’ve had many clients call a towing company to move their tiny homes in the event of a wildfire. Our pals at Coast to Coast have a solid record for connecting tiny home owners across the US with the resources they need. You can’t tow your McMansion down the road quite yet, can you?
  4. The Builders – Pat and Nick Mosley of California Tiny House have been ahead of the tiny home movement for years. There are many others of note but these guys send us a lot of tiny home clients in need of insurance.Tiny Home Insurance California 2
  5. Mobility- The iconic “Pacific Coast Highway” aka California Route 1 has ample places to pull off and park your tiny home. From the PCH to the Sierras, you can experience every climate California has to offer. US Route 101 aka the “Redwood Highway,” U.S. Route 101 runs along the coast of California. Going tiny will not only free up some cash, it will also allow you to pick up and make home wherever you park it!

Whatever your reasons for going tiny, we hope you choose US for your tiny home insurance needs!

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