Last year Ashley had a chat with Andrew Odom of Tiny House Magazine. Here’s the resulting Q&A.

Andrew Odom: A year ago I don’t think you had any idea about this whole tiny house community or world. Did you?

Ashley Dodge: I had no idea it was a community. I now get why though because it’s a tricky world to navigate with building codes, insurance, and other licensing you have to do to be legal. My mom used to take me to alternative energy fairs as a kid, which had alternative houses, but tiny homes are DEFINITELY in their own endearing, nomadic world.

AO: When did you first hear about tiny houses and tiny houses on wheels?

AD: I don’t really remember. If you watch TV you think it’s a trend but people have been living small or even tiny for ages. Tiny houses are so inspiring because it’s a new interpretation of the American Dream. McMansions are unrealistic and unsustainbale. After college, I became obsessed with going tiny because with all my college debt and love of travel, it was the closest thing I could consider to homeownership.

AO: What do you think is the easiest type of tiny house to get insured?

AD: A tiny home built by a builder we know and trust. Electrical and plumbing is best left to the professionals. Unfortunately, skoolies, mobile homes, and Boathouses are non-starters for our tiny house program.

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