Amazon’s next hub is going to need space to accommodate their operations and requires well educated millennials to staff their warehouse. This brings up housing and residential options…

According to the National Association of Home Builders Discusses Economics and Housing Policy, Millennials are much more likely to get cozy in a Tiny House (<600 sq ft) than other age groups. This is probably because they’re just being realistic that tiny homes are their only chances of the “American dream.”

So…  “Where do the most educated millennials live?” According to University of Michigan professor and Brookings Institute fellow William Frey, it’s Boston, Madison, San Jose, San Francisco, Washington, Hartford, New York, Raleigh, Minneapolis- St. Paul, and Denver.

One amazing resource in Denver is Tiny Home Connection led by tiny home builder Ryan McCue and his business partner Scott. They offer a place to corroborate ideas, learn from professionals, get advice and help build the tiny house of their dreams and inspire others to follow their own. We offer Full Build Services, Consultations, DIY Build Sites, Workshops and more! Click here fore more info about their services.

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