Tiny InnovationsWe had the distinct pleasure of chatting with Randy Woodman, Sales Manager of Tiny Innovations. Randy has been a tiny house builder for several years. He is pictured with his team (to the right) and speaks highly of them all.

Q. Do you live in a tiny home?

A. I’ve lived in two tiny homes in my life. 

Q. How did you get involved in building tiny homes?

A. I have involved in alternative building for over 30 years. Mainly strawbale, Earthship and Cob construction.

Q. Where would you put a tiny home if you were given one acre in the whole world?

A. Costa del sol Spain

Q. What do you listen to when you work?

A. Classical and Grunge and flemenco

Q. Why do you love tiny homes?

A. They give freedom to young people and to older people. Where they can own something and travel with it. Our Tiny houses are made well and have great finishes. Tiny houses are so versatile, they can be homes, offices, art studios, cabins, Commercial buildings and RV’s.

For more information, visit their website www.innovatetiny.com