We love tiny houses just as much as you!

We wanted to be part of the Tiny Home Movement for all of the tiny home and small living enthusiasts, so with Martin Burlingame’s efforts, we have created a special exclusive Tiny Home Insurance Program! Martin is recognized as the foremost expert, speaker, and author on insurance needs of tiny home owners.

Our Tiny Home Insurance Program was developed specifically for tiny home owners. Insurance premiums can range anywhere between $600 and $1200 annual depending on your tiny home size and value. How your home was built and where it is located will determine the type of policy we can write for you. We are excited to have the opportunity to help you insure your dream home!

The carrier we use requires photos with proof of completion of the exterior and all of the electrical and plumbing within the tiny home. Please contact Andrea Paston (Andrea@mystrategicinsurance.com) if you have questions about a quote or to confirm the details you have provided.  You can also reach her by phone at 719-602-6066. You can also schedule a time for a call with our CEO Martin Burlingame HERE.

Unfortunately, this form does not work with any Bus Conversions as they do not qualify as a dwelling (houses don’t have engines so Skoolies are unique). Please click here for more details: https://skoolieinsurance.com/ or fill out THIS FORM and email it to Martin@mystrategicinsurance.com.

******Please note: The turnaround time after you click submit can take up to 5 business days. ******

Additional Optional Information

Typically valued between $25,000 and $150,000. If more, please call us.
We can offer additional coverage for detached buildings, built on porches, and items such as solar panels.
Include all loose items in your tiny home. (pots, pans, clothing, bed, T.V., stereo, etc...
The policy normally does not cover theft of your personal belongings. We can add theft coverage up to $3,000 for a small charge.
We can cover you when you move your tiny home.
If Trip Endorsement is selected.
Liability covers slips/falls and getting sued.
Each person
400 sq. ft.
26 ft.
8 ft.
13.5 ft.
Does not apply to a new purchase.

If you are having issues with our online Tiny Home Insurance Program Application, here is a PDF version .

Is this a Skoolie? We have a separate form for that here: www.skoolieinsurance.com OR fill out THIS FORM and email it to Martin@mystrategicinsurance.com